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Lit Bitlette ... Beards!

Live from the Southampton Arms. Beards! And literature! Together at last! Barbed comments for your French punsters. What is the difference between ‘Old’ Beard and ‘New’ Beard? Can beards talk? Are beards like texts. And what happens to Lit Bits podcasters when you add a pint of ale, bake for 25 minutes and leave to stand on a chilly night.

A promenading 8 minutes on the most hairy of texts. Think Lytton Strachey. Think God. Think hipsters in North London pubs. Clean-shaven comments by Adam ‘Moustache’ Smyth and James ‘Goatee’ Kid(d).

Duration: 7.53.

In Hampstead, no one can hear you shave.

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