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Cash! Money! Greenbacks! Lucre! You know what we’re talking about. It’s Adam “99 pence” Smyth and James “3 for 2” Kidd, joined by wizard financial journalist Emma Simon to talk literature and money (NB: not an actual wizard). Value? Worth? Why not! 50 cent. Jeffrey Archer. Patricia Cornwall. TS Eliot. Samuel Pepys. Dickens. James Patterson. Shakespeare. After all, wasn’t it Erasmus who said, ‘Dirty cash / I want you / Dirty cash / I need you, oh’?

First broadcast on Resonance FM in May 2015.

Emma Simon is an award-winning consumer journalist with 18 years’ experience of writing about money, property, travel and business. She writes for a number of national newspapers, including the Sunday Times, the Guardian and the Mail on Sunday. You can follow Emma’s musing on poetry and finance on Twitter—@SimpleSimonEmma.

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