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Lit Bits on Film

In which Adam Smyth and James Kidd are joined by film critic and author James Mottram to discuss several matters pertaining to literature and film.

After some general comments, the topics touched upon include the many difficulties involved when translating prose to the cinema—the life and opinions of Thomas Hanks Esq—the strange discourse of The Empire Strikes Back (a novel in several episodes)—the peculiarities of reading a book and attending the cinema—Mr Thomas Hanks (actor)—the attractions or otherwise of becoming a screenwriter—the curious circumstances that befell Thomas Hanks—as well as more surprising and unexpected adventures, full of learning and good wit.

Did we mention Tom Hanks?

Duration: 37.15

James Mottram is the author of The Sundance Kids: How the Mavericks Took Back Hollywood .

Boys on film.

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