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Lit Bits on Football

In which Adam Smyth and James Kidd are joined by the sporting enthusiast and man of letters Joe Brooker.

Containing a portion of time somewhat longer than a demi-heure—and composed of many rules, and some examples—by which the twin arts of pen and boot may be aligned—and other prudential inducements to comparison. Which inaugurates Lit Bits, with an instance of wit, which—we hope—will not appear unnatural. The authors crave the forbearance of the listener (or ‘podder’) that this being a pilot pod, the sound is (in the words of the demotic) ‘somewhat patchy.’

Duration: 33.31

Joe Brooker teaches English literature at Birkbeck College, University of London, where he works on modern and contemporary literature and culture. He has written on the work of James Joyce and Flann O’Brien, and his latest book is Literature of the 1980s: After the Watershed (Edinburgh University Press, 2010).

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