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Lit Bits on Art

Art! In which our intrepid podsters Kidd and Smyth are joined by Dinah Roe and, freshly saddled, bound off in pursuit of enlightenment on the verbal and the visual. Are poems like paintings? Are frames like paratexts? How large was William Morris’ beard? And just who is Andrew Motion? Frank O’Hara is read the riot act, or at least just read. How do texts interact with images, and vice versa.

Dinah Roe teaches nineteenth-century literature at Oxford Brookes University. She is the author of The Rossettis In Wonderland: A Victorian Family History (2011) and Christina Rossetti’s Faithful Imagination . She has edited two Penguin Classics: Christina Rossetti: Selected Poems and The Pre-Raphaelites: From Rossetti to Ruskin. For more of Dinah, and to read her blog Pre-Raphaelites in the City, click here.

Duration: 38.41

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