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Lit Bits on Pop Music

As heard on Resonance FM, Adam Smyth and James Kidd are joined by man of song Paul Myerscough. After an opening entanglement with Usher’s Climax, the podsters tap their feet to a merry farrago of (among others) Paul Morley—Kylie Minogue—Christopher Ricks—Ulysses—Bob Dylan—Keats—Shakespeare—and perhaps the greatest of them all, Andrew Ridgeley.

Hear the worst cover of Run DMC - ever (now that’s what I call rubbish). Thrill to the pointiillist synthesiser. And gasp as someone admits to their love for Bon Jovi and Natasha Bedingfield. The only question is: who?

Dancing shoes? We think so.

Paul Myerscough is a Senior Editor at the London Review of Books.

Duration: 43.58.

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