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‘It was the loneliest place on earth ...’ In which ingénues James Kidd and Adam Smyth are joined by savvy advertising wizard Jonathan Thake to talk puffs and blurbs and the whole damn business of selling books. It’s literature in the marketplace. It’s Keats down Walworth Market. It’s Jane Austen driving a cab. Think Stephen King. Think Shakespeare. Think Patricia Cornwall. Now stop thinking about all those people and listen. Plus: in our version of 3-for-2, this pod comes with a free bonus song from US hipsters ‘Bring it to Bear.’ Enjoy podders! (First broadcast on Resonance FM.)

Jonathan Thake is a television writer. His first comedy series, The Persuasionists, told the story of a fictional advertising agency, and premiered on BBC2 in 2010. Jonathan also works in advertising, and is best known for the controversial ‘slag of all snacks’ campaign for Pot Noodle.

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