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Literature & Sex Scenes

In which Adam Smyth and James Kidd (both fully draped for almost the entire broadcast) are joined by Jonathan Beckman. What makes a good – or bad – sex scene? Are modern authors more bashful than their ancient counterparts? Lit Bits rises to the occasion, with Lee Child, Rowan Somerville, John Donne, Fanny Hill, Jane Austen and Gustav Flaubert. Close the curtains. Put the kids to bed. Get out the Barry White and join Lit Bits for a special late night edition. (Originally broadcast on Resonance FM.) Listeners of a sensitive disposition should be warned: this podcast contains strong sexual language, references to explicit body parts, gratuitous naughtiness, allusions to group intercourse, granny eroticism and some allusions to Andrew Motion.

Jonathan Beckman is a Senior Editor at the Literary Review, and organiser of the Review’s annual, and infamous, Bad Sex Awards.

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