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What is LitBits?

In which Adam Smyth and James Kidd—live from London—empty a a full post bag that is filled with a single question. What is Lit Bits?

The curt answer is: A Literary Podcast spiced with added guests like Giles Milton, Hallie Rubenhold, Alex von Tunzelmann, the Doctors Joe Brooker and Dinah Roe, not to mention the Right Reverend James Mottram.

The meandering response takes in a Mr Romney of Massachusetts, a Mr Paul Daniels of the Magic Circle, and plunges us into the nightmarish swamp Adam Smyth’s dream imaginings. Be ye afraid. Be very afraid.

A five-minute shot glass of literary speculation. Who wouldn’t take a sip?

Duration: 4.59

Lit Bits? C'est nous.

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